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At Intimate Tickles, it’s not just that we love what we do, it’s what we do for you that keeps us motivated to improve. Our mission has always been to empower couples, men and women of all shapes, sizes, and sexual orientation. To give them a safe environment to learn about sexual health, enhancement, and to give them the permission to learn new ways to take their relationship beyond boundaries, strengthen the romance, and to encourage open communication. It’s these goals that have made Intimate Tickles sex toy parties one of the premier adult toy & romance party companies in the industry. Adult PartiesSex Toy PartyHost A Party.

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Be a part of team that shares ideas, helps test and choose products, and works together to improve and grow.

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We pride ourselves on our availability, training, transparency, and communication. Schedule your consultation, and we’ll answer any and all questions.

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Let’s Turn Your Dissatisfaction Into A Celebration!
It’s NEVER a celebration when the company you chose to start your new business is not living up to your excitement and expectations. Unfortunately, we at Intimate Tickles have been there, done that. We think we have built a program, and a team, that can meet and exceed your high expectations. Intimate Tickles would like to extend our effort to ease your stress, and perhaps show you an option that might illuminate that “All things happen for a reason” sign.

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
-Alexander Graham Bell

Let’s get back on the right track as soon as possible. Fill out our New Consultant Consultant form today. Schedule your consultation call and find out all about the Intimate Tickles adult romance sex toy parties business. We think you will be delighted with the opportunity.

Empowering The Art Of Intimacy

Show Your Customers Some New Twists
We built Intimate Tickles with the keywords “Quality” and “Unique” always in mind. We (the owners) started out as consultants of 2 other adult romance companies – 1 now gone, another since sold. We worked hard to instill into Intimate Tickles all the items and issues we felt were missing or lacking in our experience as consultants. This includes (although not limited to) quality of products, choice of products, uniqueness of products, and visibility of consultant websites.


No quotas, No minimums. Our only requirement is 2 qualified parties within 90 days of sign up. After that, no monthly quotas

Parties YOUR Way

Women only, Couples, Co-Ed, LGBT, Theme Parties. You and your host decide. And rest assured, you will have the products to offer to any audience you present.

BDSM And Lingerie

Explore our dedicated (and separated) kink product line as well as access to over 20,000 pieces of lingerie and corsets.

Obtainable Goals

Incentives you can actually earn! Earn FREE products, rewards of luxury items, monthly incentives,  anniversary bonuses, trips, a car allowance, and more.

Dedicated Training

In fact, required training. Get ready to know everything there is to know about sexual health, sexual enhancement, and – well, sex toys.

Customized e-Marketing

Replicate sites are not visible sites. We call our system “Duplicated Marketing Sites”, and we’ve put every effort into making sure you ARE visible in the search engines.

Satisfy your customers

Sex Toy Party Curiosity.

There is a misconception that adult romance parties are for the ubersexual individuals who have already dabbled with adult toys. That’s not the case.

Sex toy parties are actually ideal for those who are remotely inexperienced with sex toys but feel curious. Your customers get a chance to learn about different types of toys all at once, which is the kind of opportunity they won’t have at a store or shopping online. YOU get the chance to learn from some of the best, and transform yourself into an intimacy expert.

These parties are about more than just the toys. Tickle Team consultants teach their customers how to find pleasure in their own bodies and with a partner. They steer clients towards a healthy path of sexuality with the capability to empower their whole life — inside and outside the bedroom. This takes training, which Intimate Tickles is very proud to supply.

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