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A sex toy party, according to Wikipedia, is a usually female-only gathering where participants learn about and buy sex toys. It is a type of party plan, similar to Tupperware parties. Sex toy parties began in the 1970s and became increasingly popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The marketing practices of sex toy parties have encouraged alternative sexual practices. The popularity of sex toy parties has suggested being related to self-help and self-actualization. According to research studies conducted by scientists such as Debby Herbenick and Michael Reece of Indiana University, sex toy representatives are often asked for advice on sexual health, and many have a background working in sex education, health, education, or sexuality. Some romance companies, such as Intimate Tickles LLC,  do permit males at their sex toy parties.

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The Sex Education Wiki

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What Is A Sex Toy Party?

And why should you care?
Also designated as a pleasure or Tickle Toy party, these events are about one thing: enhancing the romance. Yes, you’ll be surrounded by dildos, lotions, potions, tingly’s, tickly’s, and kinky apparel. You’ll hold enough vibrators to get desensitized to the whole gala affair. But you might also be surprised with how much you learn about your own body.

Tickle Toy parties are, hands down, the new way to deepen and celebrate your sexuality in the company of other badass ladies (and/or men).

A sex toy party is typically thrown by one person, who invites all her (or his) friends. She hires a sex toy representative (for instance, a member of The Tickle Team) as a hostess, typically someone who works for an adult romance home party plan company. The point of the party is to learn more about sex toys than you thought there was to know. You’ll get a firsthand look and feel of different types of toys. The hostess will teach you what they’re good for and how to use them. At the very end, you’ll get a chance to order toys straight away with the hostess. See? It’s like a naughty Mary Kay makeup party. Only this time you might leave with a lipstick that vibrates.

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Sex Toy Party
Interested in hosting your very own in-home sex toy party? Join the Tickle Team and a boutique consultant and earn money on your own terms. Sex toys, adult sex toys, vibrators and more at Intimate Tickles. Join our nationwide team and start your business today!

Satisfy your

Sex Toy Party Curiosity.

There is a misconception that Tickle Toy parties are for the ubersexual individuals who have already dabbled with adult toys. That’s not the case.

Sex toy parties are actually ideal for those who are remotely inexperienced with sex toys but feel curious. You’ll get a chance to learn about different types of toys all at once, which is the kind of opportunity you won’t have at a store or shopping online.

These parties are about more than just the toys. Tickle Toy parties teach you how to find pleasure in your own body and with a partner. They steer you towards a healthy path of sexuality with the capability to empower your whole life — inside and outside the bedroom.

You know you’re at least a little bit curious… Throw the party. Your friends will thank you.

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